Hire Me

I am available for hire to score your project, whether it’s a Film, Video Game, TV Series, Documentary, or a YouTube Jingle. I’m currently scoring a documentary due for release in August and have been booked to score two more documentaries and an Amazon Video series, as a result my showreel video isn’t available yet but is coming out as soon as these projects have been released to the public. Please see some of my instrumental guitar pieces below.

Like most composers, I write, orchestrate and do sound design, however I am also a professional musician myself and have an array of instruments in my studio such as a Baby Grand, Upright Pianos, Moog Synthesisers, Vintage Synthesisers, Electric and Acoustic Guitars as well as a collection of Vintage Guitars and Amplifiers and even a Fretless Guitar! I also have direct access to some of the worlds finest musicians that are also used by the likes of Hans Zimmer and other A-list composers as well as celebrity musicians.

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