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Available NOW! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your guitar loving friend or family member and you live in the City of Plymouth, look no further! Both vinyls and CDs are now available in HMV Plymouth!

The Man With No Name Vinyls & CD’s in stock shortly! I have come to an agreement with HMV and now you can buy my stuff in HMV Plymouth, UK. Currently, they are stocking both the Vinyl and CD copies of my most recent release “The Man With No Name” This is a big deal […]

The “Commander V2” Good news everyone; I’ve joined the StudioDesk family! StudioDesk make the best studio desks in the business, go and check them out their website!

It’s here, three months in the making! Celebrating my 5th Anniversary with Ernie Ball Musicman, they made for me my own custom-built Musicman! This is a very special instrument because it combines all my favourite features of my main two guitars; my Custom Build Luke II and my Silhouette Special. The Features… Shell Pink Alder […]

I am very happy to announce a new relationship with Mesa Engineering. I have been looking for an amp company to work with for many years and the criteria was; Three channels Stunning clean channel Stunning crunch channel Gorgeous Reverb Smaller sized head & Cab No need for pedals for overdrive sounds After nearly 20 […]