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Who is The Unfinished?

The Unfinished, also known as Matt Bowder, stands out as one of the world's top synth designers. The Unfinished's synth sounds have been utilized in Oscar and BAFTA-winning film scores, international TV series, and AAA game scores for over a decade, collaborating with industry giants such as Hans Zimmer, Martin Phipps, Lorne Balfe, Spitfire Audio, U-He, and Spectrasonics. If you know anything about synths, you know he's a big deal.

If you know anything about synths you know he's a big deal

Matt invited me to compose a short track using his new and currently unreleased soundset collection called Icara Vol.1 & 2, featuring 180 patches each (360 presets in total) for Xfer Records' Serum. I was thrilled to have this opportunity, as I've been a fan of Matt's work for a few years now and frequently use a large collection of his soundsets.

This collection of patches stands out to me as being highly reflective of Matt's work. It's quite possibly one of the best preset collections to date and already holds a spot in my top 5 all-time favorites. It comfortably covers massive-sounding trailers, sci-fi games and films, and boasts numerous incredible Cyberpunk meets EDM sounds as well.

"Icara targets the world of trailer music and cinematic action. Dynamic, aggressive and powerful sounds, designed to add weight, depth and drama, whilst cutting through dense and complex mixes. Battering drums, searing basses, evocative pulses, soaring pads, haunting textures, vibrant synths, thrilling braams, electrifying hits and much more: a sonic playground for intense and vivid story-telling."

Below are a couple of short examples showcasing the sound and feel of Icara. One demonstrates the Cyberpunk style sounds, while the other shows off some of the "King of the Monsters," Kong vs. Godzilla-style sounds:

Michael Baugh Composer · Cyberflux

The Unfinished · Godfall - Michael Baugh

This Serum Icara Bundle, available for a limited time, combines Vol I and Vol II for £37.99 +VAT. The individual volumes of Icara are £24.99 +VAT each. Get it here